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New Project

2010-07-27 12:41:49 by SonicSRev

New Project coming up

Vacant Colours- Pt1
This is under development at the moment. Progress is well.

Possibly Be ready by septemeber.

Here's a 3D version of a screenshot of a scene.

New Project

Change of mind

2008-11-22 15:33:45 by SonicSRev

I ve changed my mind so im not making a game , im making a movie instead, in parts

Bluman Adventures: The Movie pt 1 30%

Probably be ready in a month

the game status is below

Bluman Adventures 2
80 %

Bluman Adventures Shorts

fab flash

2008-08-27 16:01:28 by SonicSRev

what is ur favourite flash movie besides yours

ill be creating a flash animtion soon , stay tuned for pics